Grow Your Wealth in 2024 and Secure Your Future  by Investing in ETFs

Learn the strategies top Portfolio Managers use to help their clients build wealth.


The Simply Investing Masterclass gives you a complete action plan for starting, enhancing, and sustaining a profitable, long term investment portfolio.

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The Simply Investing Masterclass

If you could immediately improve your financial future...

...would you?

This 2.5 hour on-demand video course was created by a 15 year finance professional who knows Wall Street inside and out. 

The Simply Investing Masterclass gives you the exact training to invest like a professional.

You won't just learn it.

You'll do it.

Access for $147

In just 2.5 hours, you could…

  • Have a sizable investing account
  • Be generating passive income
  • Be on track to retire

The right financial moves TODAY can make all the difference.

We cover it all in the Simply Investing Masterclass.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1


Your investing strategy will be the basis of your financial future. Learn actionable steps you can take to enhance your investing and secure your future:

  • What you get out of this course

  • Who this course is for

You’ll finish this chapter with a complete understanding of what you get out of this course and why it's going to work for you. 

Chapter 2

Compound Growth aka "the why"

The secret to building wealth is to stop trading your time for money. In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • The cost of inflation

  • Compound interest

  • Saving vs investing

  • Introduction to the stock market

  • The Greatest Investor of All Time

You’ll finish this lesson knowing exactly why you must invest.

Chapter 3

Stocks and Bonds 

Stocks and bonds are key to 90% of wealth creation and preservation in this world. In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • How stocks work

  • How bonds work

You’ll finish this lesson with a comprehensive understanding of stocks and bonds.

Chapter 4

Which Stocks and Bonds to Buy? aka "the what"

Exchange Traded Funds are one of the most powerful investing tools ever created for the average person, and the key to diversification. In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • Diversification

  • Introduction into Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

You’ll finish this lesson with a precise understanding of ETF investing and why it is so powerful.

Chapter 5

Which ETF do I Buy? aka "the how"

This lesson is a game changer - the keys to wealth building. In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • The best index funds

  • Diversifying your portfolio

  • Setting up a brokerage account - live demo

  • How to buy an ETF

  • Dividend reinvestment

  • Automating contributions

With the live demo - you'll know exactly what to invest in, portfolio setup, and how to actually do it.

Chapter 6

Types of Accounts and Taxes

For many, choosing accounts can be just as challenging. In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between capital gains, interest, and dividend taxes

  • Tax sheltered accounts

You’ll finish this lesson with a broad understanding of accounts and taxes. Note - always consult a tax professional.

Chapter 7

Putting it All Together aka "the when"

You've made it this far - congratulations - and we're going to tie it all together for you. In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • When to invest

  • Is it too late to invest?

  • How to use the Investing checklist

  • Common mistakes investors make

You have just completed the core component of the course and are already investing!

Chapter 8

Bonus Material 

For many, this will be the most exciting part of the course. In this chapter, you’ll get:

  • Monthly budget calculator 

  • Net worth calculator 

  • Retirement calculator

  • Investment calculator

  • Rebalancing calculator

And I show you exactly how to use them with a live demo. With these tools - used by professional financial analysts regularly - you'll have everything you need to setup, forecast, and manage your portfolio and build real wealth.

This Masterclass Is For You If...

  • You are scared to invest
  • You are confused by Wall Street
  • You aren’t sure if you can even retire
  • You dream of living a more comfortable life
  • You want to leave a legacy for your children
  • Unsure if your portfolio manager is working in your best interest or not

Access for $147

I'm Eddie Gudewill

Over the last decade, I’ve managed a $700,000,000 portfolio, and collaborated with the top fund managers in North America. Then in 2022 I made a major shift.

I decided to walk away from my lucrative Portfolio Management career.

Time spent in the "Wall Street" industry made one thing clear to me: 

The education system fails us when it comes to money and finance. We're taught history, biology, and trigonometry, but we're left ill-prepared for the real world.

Investing is mistakenly perceived as complicated and overwhelming.

Wall Street prefers it this way.

But guess what? It's not.

Now I share everything I've learned to help people just like you find real financial success.

I’ll show you how to earn more, save more, and put your money to work for you with smart investment decisions.

Your transformation awaits.

Seize it.

Read more about me here.

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"The course is absolute fire. Eddie has a talent at distilling key takeaways and a covers lots of fundamentals that would otherwise go over most people's heads. It's super useful

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"Your course is AWESOME. It is precisely what I have been missing and has been SO helpful in giving me more confidence to invest myself"

- Spencer

"Eddie worked with my family for 5 years managing an investment portfolio of $5 million. I'm glad to see that he is sharing his knowledge more broadly with an affordable course on investing that will surely help people start to invest more confidently"

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"Eddie has a way of simplifying the complex, especially when it comes to investing. The Simply Investing Masterclass shares his knowledge to more people at an extremely affordable price"

- Clara

"I just finished up and have walked away with a much stronger understanding of compound interest and ETFs"

- Jack

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