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Hi, I'm Eddie Gudewill

I'm here to help people become Great Investors.Ā 

I have the following experience:

  • Equity Research
  • Mortgage Finance
  • CFA Charterholder
  • $700,000,000 Portfolio Manager
  • Commercial Real EstateĀ Investor and Syndication
  • Advised +200 High Net Worth Clients on investing and financial planningĀ 
  • LinkedInĀ WriterĀ with a mission to help people become Great Investors

Two ways I can help you today:

Simply Investing Masterclass

1:1 Coaching

Still curious about me? Read more below.

+$700,000,000 Portfolio Manager

+15 years investing experienceĀ 

Over 100 satisfied clients and investors

CFA Charterholder

Equity Research

Over 100 financial plans completed

A little bit about me

1. I love all people, but I have no tolerance for racism, bullying, bringing down others, etc.

2. I like to teach people about investing and am exploring the digital realm to widen my audience to those wanting to improve their investing and mindset.

3. I have a CFA, took me 1,000 hours of studying. Passed all three on the first go.

4. I have managed a $700,000,000 Portfolio for high net worth clients, written +100 financial plans, and allocated capital across all asset classes.

5. I worked on the sell side, specifically Capital Markets Equity Research. Covered 15 Industrial companies in Canada.

6. I am part of a family investment company - 11 cousins are equal shareholders - we have grown our equity at a CAGR 23% since inception - more to come.

7. I acquire Canadian Commercial Real Estate for an extremely high pedigree family office. We target Value Add transactions across all asset classes, targeting 15% net to Limited Partner IRRs (we are not in the buy land and speculate on development business - FYI) - if you are a broker reading this, let's talk.

8. I call my Grade 12 Math Teacher 2x per year to thank her for forcing me to do homework with my left hand when I broke my right collarbone.

9. Family, friends, real life business, then social media, in that order, always.

10. Knowledge is power and Iā€™m continuously reading (sci fi, history, finance and investing). Spanish books as well.

11. Compounding is magic. With time, the numbers are magical.

12. I believe in networking and just showing up. Laziness get's in my way a lot, but eventually I get up and go to that event, or pick up the phone, and meet someone who changes my life.

13. Squash is the best sport on the planet. I was ranked 6th best squash player in Canada at 14 years old. I have not improved since then, but maintaining that level has been a serious accomplishment for me.

14. Golf is the 2nd best sport on the planet. I was a 4 handicap golfer in my teens. Now I have trouble breaking 90.

15. I'm so proud of my Latin roots. I am 50% Mexican and 50% Canadian (blend of German, Russian, and English).

16. I'm married to a Venezuelan. She, her family, and her country are incredible (except for the communist dictator that has decimated the middle class).

17. Baby girl due Nov 25!Ā 

The above, in no particular order.

Yours, Eddie

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