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Simply Investing Masterclass

How to get started investing, improve your investing habits, and maximize your wealth.

Unlock Financial Freedom via Investing with actionable strategies and tools that helped hundreds of high net worth clients.

All for less than < $200.


What People Are Saying:

Hey Eddie, man, first of all, your course is AWESOME. It is precisely what I have been missing and has been SO helpful in giving me more confidence to invest myself. I setup a Trading account (Margin, TFSA, and FHSA) today, and I can't wait to get started investing using your principles! Thanks again, stoked!!


Thank you for allowing me to participate in your course! I just finished up and have walked away with a much stronger understanding of compound interest and ETFs. I found having those graphs and examples through Bob and Margaret not only made concepts easier to understand but also motivated me to begin investing myself! I have learned about stocks and bonds in different high school business courses and have yet to understand how owning shares generates revenue fully. So, for me, chapter 3 was great in that understanding and set up a much clearer picture of how to balance a portfolio between stock and bond purchases. Thanks again for the opportunity, I really enjoyed the course and am excited to get going!


It’s amazing man - you have a talent at distilling key takeaways...it’s good for anyone. The course is absolute fire...you do a good job covering lots of fundamentals that would otherwise go over most people’s heads. It’s super useful for people.


Really like it! Very early in my career so the information is timely. Overall I think it’s a solid course.


I have known Eddie for nearly 20 years; first through squash and now through our shared passion for all things financial. I strongly recommend Eddie’s course for anyone new to investing and even those who are “seasoned” and in need of some guardrails for your financial journey. One can never have enough straight forward common sense when it comes to investing as everything is geared to leading you towards the complex and unnecessary.


Edward has helped me and my family invest and feel confident in our path forward. We have a net worth of $5 million and Edward's depth of knowledge and experience about finance, markets, and behavioral psychology have helped us immensely. Edward's personality is highly approachable and understanding and we highly recommend his services and can't wait to see his Simply Investing Masterclass help others!


Eddie worked with my family for 5 years managing an investment portfolio of $5 Million. He provided us advice relating to investments, completed a comprehensive financial plan and also moderated family meetings with our children to help them learn about investing. Eddie was proactive, attentive, sharp in skill and educated on a vast array of investment opportunities. I'm glad to see that he is sharing his knowledge more broadly with an affordable course on investing that will surely help people start to invest more confidently.


Eddie has a way of simplifying the complex, especially when it comes to investing. The Simply Investing Masterclass shares his knowledge to more people at an extremely affordable price.