Issue #11 - DoorDash is ruining lives

Mar 29, 2024

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Hi Friends and Good Friday!

I'm going to rant a little in the Personal Finance section. 

Sorry in advance.


1. Personal Finance

I'm going after DoorDash.

First off, let me caveat that I'm a user of DoorDash and it's one of those Gazelle things I do once in a while. Think late night DQ ice cream cakes and blizzards.

But I just wanted to highlight some of the blasphemy going on here. 

And hopefully convince some of you to pare back the delivery and start picking up the food, or better yet, making more at home. 

I got sushi takeout yesterday. For fun, I went online to see how much it would cost on DoorDash to have it delivered.

The image below says it all, but I'll highlight some points:

  • DoorDash prices are 25% more expensive than the real in person menu.
  • My favourite roll, the Kappa Maki cucumber - is 50% more expensive online vs in person. WTF?
  • The additional fees increase the already inflated food by 32%. 
  • And lastly - this one really grinds my gears...DD has the audacity to auto fill a $9 tip. On this expensive bill, that's 22%.
  • I don't know about you, but I tip 15% standard, 20% for great service and 25% for service I write home about.
  • That DoorDash has the AUDACITY to auto fill a 22% tip on a already expensive fucking bill before you've even had a chance to evaluate the driver's service, is crazy.

You better hope the food arrives hot - or the ice cream arrives frozen - if you are tipping 22% in advance.

Buy this stuff in person and save 72% or $20 on this particular order. Imagine if you are a family of four.

Again, yes, I like to Gazelle once in a while and sit my lazy ass on the couch and wait for a high priced delivery to my doorstep. 

Just don't do it too often. 


2. Stock Markets

Keeping it short today. 

Last January Goldman Sachs said the Stock Market S&P500 would be up 4% in 2023.

They were kinda wrong. 

Stock Market was up 25%. 

And in 2024, so far it's up another 10%. 

Doesn't mean it'll keep up this pace, stocks always fluctuate.  

Just don't let news headlines influence your investing. 

Always: invest early, invest consistently, don't time the market.

And you'll earn 10% on average.

Further to the $20 savings from Door Dash...

Know what $20/day invested at 10% for 30 years equals?



3. Real Estate 

I've mentioned before that commercial real estate has been in a rut. 

Well, Spring must be in the air. 

From quiet nothingness, to inbox starting to chirp up with transaction opportunities. 

Time to crunch some numbers and see if anything is worth pursuing. 

Those interested in Limited Partnership investment opportunities, stay tuned. And let me know if you want to be on the distribution list for new deals.


1 Quote

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

-Walt Disney


A Question 

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Eddie Gudewill, CFA


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